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Cakes & Tarts

At PAUL, we have a dessert for every occasion. Explore our range of showstoppers, from ultimate chocolate cakes and sumptuous fruit cakes to perfectly baked tarts, and prepare to add the wow factor to any celebration.  Our range really does house the very best of our PAUL desserts, and we are confident we can make your occasion extra special.

Every Dessert Tells a Story

Life is just better with cake, and no special or celebratory occasion – birthday, anniversary, retirement, reunion, new job – is complete without a showstopping confection to share. Every PAUL dessert is a little celebration designed to add joy to your happy day. Our collection includes options that are fruity or chocolaty, creamy or nutty; there’s something for everyone and any occasion.

Chocolate Moelleux Cake
Red Fruit Tart

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We’ve been baking glorious cakes and tarts for almost 70 years now, and the range of PAUL desserts we offer today includes French classics and more contemporary favorites. All are tried, tested, and loved by our customers. A dessert from PAUL can help you celebrate your stories. Simply place an order by emailing us at

Apple Almond Tart

Puff pastry shell filled with custard cream, wedges of apple & flaked almonds

Apricot Tart

A crispy, flaky pastry base with a apricots and crème pâtissière filling

Chocolate Moelleux Cake

Chocolate Moelleux Cake

This soft dark chocolate cake is the indulgent French version of a brownie

Chocolate Tartlet

Tart shell filled with homemade chocolate ganache


Choux pastry filled with pastry cream and topped with a flavored glaze. Available in Chocolate and Vanilla

Lemon Tartlet

Sweet pastry shell with tangy lemon curd

Napoleon – Millefeuille

A vanilla custard pastry slice, a combination of a baked buttery puff pastry filled with vanilla custard cream, topped with white fondant icing

Pink Cake

Pink Cake

A soft vanilla sponge cake with a decadent cherry compote and coated with cherry buttercream

Raspberry Napoleon Millefeuille Slice

Raspberry Napoleon Millefeuille Slice

A baked buttery puff pastry filled with vanilla pastry cream, topped with fresh raspberries, and raspberry whipped cream

Red Fruit Tart

Red Fruit Tart

Pastry shell filled with a blend of cherry, raspberry, red currant, and blackberry

Strawberry Cake

Génoise sponge layered with mousseline cream & fresh strawberries and topped with marzipan

Strawberry Ganache Tartlet

Strawberry Ganache Tartlet

This classic French tartlet is filled ruby red strawberry ganache, strawberry jelly, and fresh strawberries

Strawberry Tartlet

Sweet pastry shell filled with vanilla custard cream and topped with fresh strawberries

Three Layer Chocolate Cake

A trio of dark, milk, and white chocolate mousse, sandwiched with chocolate sponge cake