Celebrating 130 years of Paul


It all starts in 1889 when Charlemagne Mayot takes over a small bakery in Croix, near Lille in the North of France. His son Edmond Mayot takes over the family business in 1908. Suzanne Mayot, Edmond’s daughter, marries Julien Holder. They move into a bakery on Rue des Sarrazins in Lille.


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


We launch our first cake range in the early 1950s using our own family recipes. More than 60 years later we’re still making wonderful French cakes that taste every bit as good as they look and are hand crafted using only the finest ingredients….


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


Francis Holder begins working with his parents, who have taken over a well-established local bakery owned by the PAUL family. The PAUL name is retained. Following the death of Julien Holder in 1958, Francis Holder takes over the family bakery, and a second bakery is opened in 1963.


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


Francis Holder refurbishes the family bakery in Lille, installing a wood-fired oven and bakery that operates in full view of customers. To Francis this is simple common sense, but it is innovative at the time to see bread being made in the traditional fashion – kneading, shaping, proving and baking.


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


PAUL opens its first bakery outside France in Barcelona, heralding the start of the company’s international expansion. Two years later, some PAUL bakeries start to incorporate a café or restaurant area.


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


Francis Holder refreshes the PAUL brand by introducing the now iconic black shop fronts, and a line of artisan speciality breads made using sustainably produced winter wheat. Learn all about it at our Artisan Bread Masterclass…


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


PAUL opens its first bakery and restaurant in London, Covent Garden - an instant hit! Encouraged by Londoners’ enthusiastic response, PAUL opens further branches in London and beyond, now with 37 UK locations including our PAUL Express branches in St. Pancras and Tottenham Court Road, and two branches of Le Restaurant de PAUL!


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


Francis Holder brings his children on board to continue the family story, appointing Maxime as CEO of PAUL International - the fifth generation, continuing the international expansion as well as focusing on PAUL’s social responsibilities. Discover our passion to bake our way to a greener future…


Celebrating 130 years of Paul


In the UK, we launched our first PAUL Express Stores, an exciting concept that brings your favourite PAUL ‘slow food’ products to you more speedily! We now have 2 Express shops located in travel hubs so you can grab & go with your coffee and croissant, sandwich and snack or salad and tartlet.