Macaron Moments


A PAUL classic, our Macarons are renowned for their beautiful taste and presentation alike. Explore a range of flavors from raspberry to pistachio, coffee to citrus, and vanilla to chocolate, there’s certainly something for all taste buds. Our Macarons come in a variety of offerings, from bags to boxes to full-on towers!

Macaroons ≠ Macarons

Macarons are often confused with macaroons: both are delicious and made with an egg white and sugar base, but there are several big differences between them – including an extra O! Macaroons (pronounced ma·kuh·roon, like moon) are chewy and crispy cookies made with sweetened flaked coconuts often associated with a traditional Passover celebration. Alternatively, Macarons (pronounced mac·ah·ron, like gone) are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and made with finely ground almond flour. Two cookies form a sandwich filled with jam, curd, ganache, or buttercream.

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History of Macarons

While the exact origins of the macaron are disputed, most believe that Catherine de’ Medici brought the Italian Pignoli to France from Italy when she married Henry II; From there, French pastry chefs altered the Pignoli recipe over the years, transforming them into the Macarons we know and love today!

Large Macarons

Delicate ground almond cookies with flavored filling. Available in raspberry, vanilla bean, chocolate, and pistachio

Macaron Garni - Raspberry Cream

Macaron Garni – Raspberry Cream

Extra large Raspberry Macaron lovingly filled with pastry cream & fresh raspberries

Macaron Tower

Macaron Tower

240 colorful miniature macarons, available in vanilla bean, chocolate, espresso, citrus, pistachio, and raspberry flavors

Mini Macarons

Mini Macarons

Colorful miniature macarons available in vanilla bean, chocolate, espresso, citrus, pistachio, and raspberry flavors