Wishing You a Brew-tiful National Coffee Day!

September 27, 2023


No morning has truly begun until you’ve had a coffee (or three.) At PAUL, we’re coffee lovers through and through, and words cannot “espresso” how excited we are about National Coffee Day. While coffee has been keeping the world going for hundreds of years, it’s only been the past decade or two that everyone’s favorite morning pick-me-up has had its own national holiday. This September 29th, we hope you’ll join us as we raise our mugs to this heartwarming beverage!

What Goes Best with a Cup of PAUL Coffee? Another Cup.

Our espresso machine never stops! Every coffee drink is made from freshly ground, freshly roasted beans and poured to perfection. This National Coffee Day, head up to our coffee bar and ask our staff for classics such as:

  • Espresso – a classic shot of espresso coffee, served single or doppio!
  • Americano – espresso diluted in water for a milder experience
  • Café au lait – aka a caffe latte, this is an espresso shot with hot milk added
  • Cappuccino – a creamy espresso drink with steamed milk and milk foam
  • Flat white – an espresso drink with a head of milk foam
  • Macchiato – meaning “marked,” this espresso shot has a tiny “mark” of foam on top
  • Mochaccino – a chocolate-flavored twist on a cappuccino

Whether you prefer hot, iced, cold-brewed, sweet, or creamy, our drinks are customizable to suit your liking. And, of course, we have plenty of options on tap for those searching for a sip without the kick or an alternate caffeine source with our selection of artisanal teas.

If you have a “usual,” National Coffee Day is the perfect time to try a new brew. Mix it up with a decadent milk-based drink like a cappuccino or an Australian-inspired flat white, or try a classic macchiato. Not sure what beverage is best for you? Ask our on-site barista for a recommendation you’re bound to love.

Coffee Makes Everything Better. So Do PAUL Pastries.

However you take your coffee, PAUL is here to help with all your caffeination needs. This National Coffee Day – and every day – we hope you’ll join us for a perfectly pulled shot of espresso, an aromatic café au lait, or even a refreshing cold brew! Pair your drink with your favorite pastry and pull up a chair – or take your treat to the streets.