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vegan croissant

Enchantée! Introducing the New PAUL Vegan Croissant

There’s no more quintessentially Parisian breakfast than a flaky, buttery croissant. At PAUL, we’re renowned for our dedication to the croissant cause – we believe that everyone should enjoy one of life’s greatest indulgences. This is why we’re delighted to introduce our new vegan croissant.

Pink Eclair

Pretty in Pink: New Pink Products from PAUL

The cherry blossoms are here, and PAUL is tickled pink to announce an effervescent menu to match. These new menu items will put a spring in your step and, unlike the cherry blossoms, will be around all year!

Valentine's Treats
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Make a Sweet Gesture with Valentine’s Day Treats

Love is in the air, and Valentine’s Day treats are on our minds. After all, the best setting for whispering sweet nothings is over a plate of sweet Parisian-inspired delicacies. Whether your romance style is planned to perfection or daringly spur of the moment, PAUL has a delectable dessert to make your loved one’s heart melt….


The Art of the Croissant

The golden rule is to eat a freshly baked croissant. That’s a golden rule for every French bakery. Follow the below tips on how to make the most of every mouthful.

Meal Deal

Treat Yourself to a Meal Deal

Nothing brings people together like good food. Treat yourself – and a friend – to a taste of Paris with PAUL’s menu of delectable meal deals. Whether you’re after a quick morning bite, a lunch to linger over, or a snack for on the go, PAUL has exactly what your palate is craving.

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Celebrate the Epiphany with a Galette des Rois

This January 6, experience an Epiphany with PAUL’s iconic Galette des Rois, aka King Cake. Associated with the Epiphany or 12th Night, the King Cake is a classically indulgent French dessert dating back 700 years.

Holiday 2022
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Sweeten the Holidays with PAUL

Nothing perfects a holiday spread like a well-chosen dessert. Whether you’re preparing a traditional menu, hosting a casual get-together, or want to show up at the event of the season with the perfect gift for the dessert table, PAUL has you covered.